welcomeheroOur experience within licensed merchandise has grown from strength to strength and over the years we have developed strong relationships with licensors that enable us to create well-priced products that are innovative and of high-quality. By working closely with licensors, our design team are now able to create bespoke ranges for retailers that encompass a host of different product categories including toys, arts & crafts, stationery, bags and wheeled goods. Heavy investment has also allowed us to develop our own tooling which further enhances the ranges we offer.

This dedicated progression has enabled SAMBRO to create a one-stop shop for retailers who are not only looking for extensive quality product ranges, but who seek great distribution, price and ongoing sales support.

Our trade website that was launched early last year will make ordering and delivery of products even more efficient and simple. We pride ourselves on maintaining good stock on the floor for immediate delivery as we understand our customers need to fill shelves. Our website will also make it easier for retailers who want to purchase our full ranges online.

The website is real-time, and it allows us to be a one-stop shop for licensed product, where retailers can put together a cross-category range from a few thousand live products.

This year looks set to be another brilliant year for SAMBRO as we aim to build upon the success of 2016; with new ranges, licenses and we can really get our products out there. All of these elements will enable us to sell to even more retailers than ever before.




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